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Book Suggestion: The Island by Victoria Hislop

2d book_4th week February_22February2016_Bookworm_vasilicious blog
2d book_4th week February_22February2016_Bookworm_vasilicious blog

The Bookworm section of the blog is an attempt to share my passion for 📖 books 📖 with you (more info regarding THIS passion of mine, at the About section!).

The concept is to post some books which, in my opinion, are definitely worth reading.

As you can probably imagine, the list is endless because I have been reading books since I can remember myself! Therefore, there is no such thing as my ONE favourite book. Instead, there are so many…

I have always noticed that my emotions are quite different when I am reading a book which has an imaginary story in comparison to a book with a story based on true events. The idea that those things I read have actually happened somewhere, sometime, influences me even more!

The Island is another page turner, some pages of which I have actually managed to read ON a plane ✈️ going to Cyprus. This is quite a big deal because I cannot read (or do anything else) on a plane as I am afraid of airplanes (well…yes!). So, reading it while flying is proof of how much that book had my full attention! 😉

The story unfolds on a beautiful island of my beloved Greece, Crete and in the small island of Spinalonga which is Greece’s former leper colony. It’s really a very touching story which makes you realize just how fragile human life can be…

There was also a drama 📺 television 📺 series called To Nisi, broadcasted in Greece in 2010–2011, which was an adaptation of the book by Victoria Hislop. As a booklover, I strongly recommend reading the book of course, but you should see THIS series as well. It is not considered without a reason one of the most successful Greek TV series and it is certainly one of my personal TOP3! Photography, direction, acting, everything was awesome! 👍

Check out more about The Island, Victoria Hislop and her other books on her personal website ( and about the Greek TV series To Nisi on the website ( of the Greek broadcaster called Mega.

Here is the synopsis of the book:
On the brink of a life-changing decision, Alexis Fielding longs to find out about her mother’s past. But Sofia has never spoken of it. All she admits to is growing up in a small Cretan village before moving to London. When Alexis decides to visit Crete, however, Sofia gives her daughter a letter to take to an old friend, and promises that through her she will learn more.

Arriving in Plaka, Alexis is astonished to see that it lies a stone’s throw from the tiny, deserted island of Spinalonga – Greece’s former leper colony. Then she finds Fotini, and at last hears the story that Sofia has buried all her life: the tale of her great-grandmother Eleni and her daughters and a family rent by tragedy, war and passion.

She discovers how intimately she is connected with the island, and how secrecy holds them all in its powerful grip…

Happy reading! 📕 📕 📕


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