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Welcome to vasilicious blog

about vasilicious blog
about vasilicious blog

Hello there! I am Vasiliki, I am 30 years old and I currently live in Brussels :) I have no idea whatsoever about how I turned 30 years old, it just happened one sunny day, so let’s not talk about that, deal? ❣❣❣ I do explain however how I got to Brussels, being born in Lyon, France, but grew up in Athens, Greece from a Greek father and a Cypriot mother. Just check the first blog post!

About this blog 🚴

Very, very briefly, this blog it’s the personal blog of a Greek girl who moved to Brussels and never stops Exploring, Reading & Dancing…

Ok, but why blog?

I have always preferred to express myself in writing rather than orally. I believe I am a terrible speaker, especially a public speaker, maybe because I am rather shy; or maybe because if I have to speak (you know, to communicate like normal people have to do once in a while!), I talk so fast that I am sure there are times when I cut some syllables from the words I am using. On the other hand, I have never complained about writing an essay or a motivation letter, I always got better grades in written exams (orals were usually a nightmare) and I was interested in participating in contests which included handing in a written piece of any kind (paper, article, short novel etc). Grosso modo, I like writing…

Sooo, I will write here :)

Why vasilicious?  ✈  📖 🌸 🎶

Maybe it’s a creative attempt of introducing a new word for people to call me (apart from Vasiliki!). Or maybe it’s because it sounds like the words delicious, glorious and victorious which are awesome words. Or maybe it’s because some of Harry Potter’s spells sound like that, so it’s a tribute to magic… 😝

About my BookMania>>>

Books 📖 …Oh my God! I truly believe I may be a shop addict when it comes to books. I like all kinds of books, that is why I enjoyed studying time at school (well…yeah!), I like dictionaries because I enjoy learning a foreign language, I like comics, history books are great as well, but then again…everything stops turning when a literature book is in my heads. Nothing can beat that feeling of getting lost inside a good book, being indentified with one of the story’s character, imagining the end of the story, smelling the paper…Again…what a creative way to spend your time! That is why I decided to have a Bookworm section at the blog. I will simply include a book suggestion in there, in case anyone is interested. I had to share somehow that passion as well, what can I do?

About my DanceMania>>>

Dance…Dance… “Dance is an art form that generally refers to movement of the body, usually rhythmic, and to music, used as a form of expression, social interaction or presented in a spiritual or performance setting” (Wikipedia)… In other (my) words: dance is the most majestic, superb, fulfilling way to express one’s feelings, thoughts, personality and eventually, creativity! Basically, any form of art can help you do that, I actually like all of them as I said before, but as far as I am concerned, dance has always been THE art! How can I put it? It is in my blood, as well as in the blood of my sister and my brother, this cannot be a coincidence, right? It’s a blood thing… All three of us dance, my sister Melina is a great performer and she even does it for a living, my bro Theo is still young, but he has already made it clear that the dance virus is right there as well, inside his blood! You will see a great deal of my posts dedicated to dancing, whether it is a performance I saw, a seminar I participated in or just thoughts of mine… 

Last but not least, the logo is created by Spiros Theodorakatos who just followed my instructions which were something like: “Hey man, could you please write down the word vasilicious with cute letters and put around it a bicycle, ballet shoes and notes somehow? Thanks!”. I think he totally got the point, he was able to put it on paper perfectly well and I thank him for that.

vasilicious blog logo share

The majority of photos and videos are taken and made by Nyx, through his crazy artistic way of seeing pretty much everything in life. I thank him too! Creativity high-fives everywhereee 😝

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